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Inclusive Solutions for Empowered Futures.



Verve International Insurance Ltd. ("Verve") is a global Private Placement Life Insurance company designing bespoke investment structures: Private Placement Deferred Variable Annuities. Verve is a premier provider of customized financial solutions that optimize financial flexibility for affluent global high net worth individuals, families, and investment managers.

As a ground-breaking minority-owned private placement life insurer, Verve aspires to bring inclusivity, empowerment, and efficiency to the intersection of investments and insurance.

Verve’s unique position in the financial industry has the potential to significantly increase the capacity for large institutions to work with

minority-led and minority-owned businesses. 

Verve will be a global social economic empowerment brand. A symbol of Passion, Positivity, and Independence.


Investment Professionals

Verve works with asset/fund managers, RIAs, wealth advisors and Private Banks to develop customized DVA structures for attracting capital from tax-sensitive investors. DVAs may mitigate and/or eliminate tax-inefficiencies particularly in popular investment structures such as real estate, debt, infrastructure, and lending.


Deferred Variable Annuities provides bespoke solutions that address tax and planning decisions High Net Worth Individuals and Families are faced with on how investment assets should be owned and structured.


Deferred Variable Annuities for Institutions are designed to address specific tax challenges for Tax-Exempt and Corporate Investors. The DVA structure provide tax and cost efficiency, investment flexibility and eases the administrative/reporting burden for investors.


Verve's Deferred Variable Annuity ("DVA") provides a customized financial solution that optimizes financial flexibility for investors (individual & institutional), advisors and asset/fund managers.


• Tax Efficiency
• Enhanced Asset/Creditor Protection
• Investment Flexibility
• Unlimited Contributions
• Charitable/Estate Planning Tools

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